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Generator and other KGGV FM equipment reported missing

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 | Posted by

On Monday, January 16, KGGV 95.1 FM radio host Damien Olsen reported, at a

meeting of KGGV’s  operations committee, that a generator valued at $400, a gas

The Purloined Generator

can, gas valued at $20, and a tarp, was missing from a metal shed on the grounds of Guerneville Community Church on Armstrong Woods Road.
It’s presumed the items were stolen, and Nancy Jo Wood, also a radio host as well as a member of the OPS committee, has proposed a wanted poster (utilizing a picture she took  last year of the generator ) be posted, and a small reward ($25) be offered for return or information leading to the items’ recovery.
Wood announce the alleged theft on one of her KGGV morning shows, expressing her displeasure and stating in an e-mail to several members of the KGGV radio family, that “it can feel like a personal affront when people just take things. It is not a good feeling to be robbed.”  She also stated that issues have arisen concerning “replacement and storage, emergency plans…etc.”

Darlene Kersnar and NJ Wood at KGGV Strawberry Fest

KGGV Ops discussed  the problem this week but no definitive decisions have as yet been reached. Wood also wrote,  “The metal shed, being what it is, has its security issues: locked with a padlock but has flimsy doors that I can push open with my pinky finger on the sides. I checked it out Tuesday in the daylight after hearing about the theft Monday night. The shed also leaks.”

Wood also stated “I did recall seeing a truck (one that frequents the GCC facility) strangely parked a couple months ago right up in front of the shed, way up in that nook in front of the garbage area. “Kind of an odd place to park in a great big parking lot. I didn’t think much of it at the time …..and we don’t even know how long the generator has been gone.” “Perhaps someone could just drop by or talk with the person (who was in the truck), or groups, that meet at the GCC, and ask if they saw anything suspicious or know about the generator’s whereabouts. Maybe someone “borrowed” it.”
Wood also thanked radio engineer and the person who donated the generator, Randy Wells.

She also suggested, ” a wanted poster might help us recover the thing, or get offers of generator use or donation in the near future. Thanks to Randy for the donation of the lost generator. “We have appreciated the old generator on at least (4) occasions when the power was down. “She was a good ole girl and did the job.”  She suggested comments about what action should be  taken be referred to KGGV’s recently re-elected manager,  Bruce Robinson.
“Once the word gets out,” wrote Wood,  “we may get another donation offer. The world works in mysterious ways. You never know.”
In an e-mail message dated January 18, Randy Wells responded,  “Thanks for the sad news…” and stated, “I donated it back in ’05, ” and the apparent theft  “Might be a good excuse to move up to something more civilized.”  In a separate e-mail, Wells asked about “the possibility of using the Head Start shed(s)” which are on the Church grounds. He opined the “tin shed is a worthless eyesore”, and apologized  “to the people who purchased and erected it.” He also asked about remote gear that had been stored, including a transmitter, antenna, cable and other equipment which, he felt, should be secured because rain was predicted to be on the way.

  • Nancy Jo Wood

    Thank you for helping with this by writing about it – and writing so accurately.
    Of course we feel violated and will surely miss having a generator to power the radio station during power outages and emergencies.
    Stay tuned to KGGV lp Guerneville “The Bridge” 95.1 fm for more news about the little generator and for community produced radio programming from over 50 volunteers in the lower Russian River.
    Nancy Jo KGGV Finance Manager and host of the Tuesday & Thursday ‘Morning Show’ 7-9a.m.
    See more at kggv.blogspot.com

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