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Mary Moore tells potential Occupy Boho Grove protesters the truth is scary enough

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 | Posted by


BY CHRIS SMITH/The Press Democrat

For 30-plus summers, the well-connected men who camp at the Bohemian Club’s guarded and gorgeous redwood grove outside of Monte Rio have had no more vocal, constant critic than Mary Moore of nearby Camp Meeker.

Protests will return to the Bohemian Grove this summer as part of the Occupy movement.

But as she prepares to return to the camp gate in July with Occupy Bohemian Grove,  Mary is suggesting to potential fellow protesters that the “good ol’ boys” of the secret encampment aren’t as evil as some people say.

“I don’t see myself as conservative or cautious at all,” said Mary, 76, “but when it comes to this, I guess I am.”

See photos of the Bohemian Grove  through the years here

After staying away from the Encampment for several years, Mary is  advocating a reality-based Occupy protest at the Grove this July. With word of Occupy Bohemian Grove spreading worldwide on the Internet, Mary’s leery of the protest attracting people who buy into fantasy tales of satanic goings-on at the encampment.

“They do not ‘burn babies’ during the Cremation of Care ceremony,” she declares at occupybohemiangrove.org. Her beef with the Bohos has always been that they’re powerful men whose Lakeside Talks and other dealings beneath the redwoods and behind the gates essentially create policy outside of public scrutiny.

Mary is discouraging those who may view Occupy Bohemian Grove as a chance to infiltrate the shaded summer haunt of cultists who scurry through secret tunnels and hatch dark plots.

She’ll be outside the gate on July 14 because she thinks the arriving campers bear watching not because they’re devil worshippers but something scarier:

Part of the 1 percent.

  • Nick Dimond

    What a waste of time for an obviously bright woman….Seems to me her time would be better served doing something constructive. Run for office, volunteer, anything….but protesting someone’s recreational time is never going to get you anywhere…and in fact is annoying not only to the attendees but the community who welcomes the business and good will these people always bring with open arms.

    • West Man

      What a waste of time for an obviously not bright man? To not acknowledge the perfidy of America’s ruling class making a mockery of the rest of us exhibits a Fox news worthy stupidity often embraced by the ignorant. These selfish Oligarchic “Boho’s” deserve whatever ridicule, shame and derision the Public can muster.

      • JMH

        Where do you live, West Man?

      • JMH

        West Man, no one is providing more evidence about the protester’s anger then you. Thanks for showing what it is like to live here and to have to deal with angry visitors like you.

    • JMH

      Thank you.

  • Common Sense

    Nick the purpose of the Occupy movement is to put pressure on the Movers and shakers of our county and there is NO better place than here! Are you naive enough to believe that no networking is going on here Along with their fun. She will most likely get nowhere near their camp but it is better than shutting down the Golden Gate bride.

    • JMH

      How is it better? I suggest we show up at your house and see how you like it!

  • Melanie R.

    I agree with you! It’s the crazy people (like this) who damage the view of the community to the world. There’s not anything to worry about going on in the Bohemian Grove, it’s all a bunch of random fairy tales that people made up because they weren’t allowed in. If some rich men want a summer retreat to have some fun & not worry about being followed, photographed or harassed then leave them alone. Everyone deserves a lil fun every now and again. If you want to “Occupy” anything, why don’t you “Occupy” the White House front lawn, I’m sure they’d enjoy a visit.

    • West Man

      The “Fairy Tail” you speak of is embodied right in your letter exhibiting the lack of knowledge of your happy place in the world and apparently that happy place is cleaning the toilets of these Plutocrats.

      • JMH

        how do you know?

    • janie r

      You must be kidding? What do powerful men do, when they are free to do most anything??? Well lots of prostitutes (sad situation) are brought in . . . for openers . . .

      • JMH

        How do you know that?

  • Forest

    Stockholm Syndrome is clearly exhibited by these uneducated Boho sycophants.

    • JMH

      Why are you so angry at the people who disagree with you? Please keep your anger away from our community.

  • robert feuer

    Mr. Dimond suggests that even mass murderers should be allowed their recreational time. If George Bush II was having dinner in Guerneville, should we let him have his meal in peace?

    • JMH

      Two points….George Jr is not a member and has been to the Grove once, and secondly, do you really think you will be disturbing any of the members’ dinner’s? They are behind gates, with guards. You will only be disturbing my 92 yr old mom, my 4 dogs, me and my neighbors. Who need to be more realistic here?

  • Melanie R.

    I don’t understand why anyone is soo concerned about what others do on their time off… Are you jealous that your vacations aren’t broadcast all over the media? That’s what it seems like to me. They don’t bother anyone, it is one thing that boosts tourism which is very crucial to the survival of this region. They also hold a fundraiser to support the local school which is the best form of giving back that any person, business or organization can do! I think that the allegations toward the Bohemian Grove and it’s members is absolute insanity! Why don’t you get a job/life and mind your own business!! I think the main message I’d like to get out there WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE WORRY ABOUT YOURSELVES! The protests lead to nothing but pissed off locals and employees. I think there are bigger issues that should be addressed such as the insufficient funding for education in our society, hunger & homelessness in our society, youth programs, drug/alcohol abuse help, rising unemployment in our county, etc. Why don’t you stand out there and shout with signs about those issues?!?

  • West Man

    Melanie, these Men (no Women allowed thank you!) are DIRECTLY responsible for the issues you raise concerning education, homelessness, youth programs and unemployment. These are the exact same Oligarchs who have melded with the U.S. Government and actually determine where and how our tax dollars are spent. These same Men have fleeced us the Taxpayers of Billions of dollars through Government and Corporate collusion which leaves nothing for the rest of us in the 99% but has significantly increased the already staggering wealth they already had. So in the future please inform yourself before you blather such thoughtless nonsense. Thanks.

  • Melanie R.

    Me and my family have worked there for years….Unlike you, I KNOW what I’m talking about thanks!

    • West Man

      Yes Melanie your reasoning is superb. I agree! Cleaning Oligarchs toilets does make you an expert in exactly what they produce for society. Scrub scrub scrub! Congratulations Melanie let us know when you get your GED!

      • JMH

        See how it goes? Agree with the protesters 100% or be insulted. This is exactly what I am talking about. The protesters have no regard for our community or the neighbors. Melanie, I understand, I live here too.

    • Janice Howell

      Melanie: You really don’t deserve a reply. You are so amazingly ignorant! I lived in the Camp Meeker- Monte Rio and River area for many years since 1973. You should study History and not what someone you know has told you, or what you see on TV, but real TRUE FACTS. Mary Moore is to be commended for perservering even when sadly it seems more and more people have been dumbed-down. It frightens me that so few are aware of the dangers ahead. Please! Use the brain God gave you and think of how you can be part of saving our world.

      • JMH

        Are you going to come and keep everyone quiet in front of my house, so my 92 yr old mom can rest, and my 4 dogs won’t go crazy? Every year that the protester have been here, they have been rude to me and my neighbors. The last time they came, I was planning to take the kids on a canoe ride, with my friend. We put the canoe on the top of the truck, and when we tried to leave, one of the protesters had blocked my gate, (despite the “no parking” sign on my gate.), So, we were stuck here, listening to people yelling. When the owner of the car returned, (2 hours later), I nicely said “Hey, you blocked us in.”, she turned around and yelled at me “Well, get the f*** over it!” Right. Then there were the people who climbed over my fence to get to the plum trees, because they had already stolen the ripe plums that hung over the fence. When I told them to leave my yard, get off of my fence, and stay away from my fruit, one of them said, “oh, I thought the fruit was for everyone.” Right. This is just a few of my stories. I can go on with many more. I say, lets “Occupy in Front of Mary Moore’s house” and see how she likes it. (It’ll make the same amount of difference as protesting in front of my house!)

        Get a grip people. If you want to make a difference, do something constructive. Or if you insist on protesting, do it someplace where it can actually make a difference. Go to Wall Street, NY, K Street in DC, the White House, the Congress and the Senate. Keep little Monte Rio out of it. We live here for a reason. We like the peace and quiet of the woods. Here’s what I hear…..there is music coming from the Bohemian Grove and there is screaming coming from the protesters. Guess which one I prefer? Occupiers GO HOME!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    That’s not what I do. My education doesn’t concern you, I have high school AND college under my belt. The fact that you chose not to use a real name shows how much of a “concerned” member of the community you are. Your repeated negativity shows your immaturity and lack of respect for hearing both sides. You are not an open-minded person, we all see that. Guess what, last time I checked YOUR opinion didn’t and still doesn’t matter in the least. Why don’t YOU run for office Mr. Tough Guy? oh that’s right, YOU DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! Why don’t you do yourself and West County a favor and keep your stupid, ignorant comments to yourself! Or create your own ranting and raving page that people of your nature can appreciate.

    • JMH

      Melanie, You are attempting to have a battle of wits with unarmed people. These folks who are insulting you don’t want to have a dialog with you. They are just angry, and since we are the only people that the protester will actually see, we will be the recipients of their ire. I just wish they’d leave us alone.

  • West Man

    Melanie , Thanks again for presenting the depths of your intellect for all to see. Your defending your oppressors is as Forest mentioned above a form of “Stockholm Syndrome”. I’m sorry you have nothing cogent to express but these Oligarchs like their subjects just like you, malleable and ignorant.

    • JMH

      Your anger towards Melanie is exactly the reason I wish you would all stay home or go somewhere else. Keep your anger away from Monte Rio! We are a “Hate Free Zone”. Please respect our community if you insist on coming here.

  • JMH

    No one is going to “Occupy Bohemian Grove”, except the members of the Bohemian Club. All of the protesters end up “Occupying Bohemian Ave”, which is in front of my house. My dogs will get upset and bark like crazy, and my 92 year old mom will not get any rest those days.
    All of the years I have been here, the protester come and yell in front of my house, steal fruit from my trees, and trespass on our property. I have had people scream at me because I want them to be quiet in front of my house. The Bohemian never see the protesters. They have everything they need or want up at the Grove. Mary Moore knows this, and I wonder how she would feel if a group of strangers ended up in front of her house.

    From my experience, the men from the Bohemian Grove have been good neighbors. Every year, they do a benefit for the community and last year they raised $85,000. When there are floods here, they donate money and help with lending tools and large equipment to neighbors when we need help.

    Mary Moore encourages people to come and protest, when she knows that they will never be seen by the Boho’s and only cause problems for the community.

    While Occupy Wall street was radical, because they camped out in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan. Somehow, camping out on the banks of the Russian River, under the shade of redwood trees is not the same. If the Occupy movement is suppose to help the little business owners like me, but they are working against us. By coming here in the summer, during the time we make most of our money for the year, they are hurting the very people that they supposedly care about. When I wrote to the organizers, pleading with them not to come to yell in front of our houses, I was told, “too bad for you, but we don’t care”. The community of Monte Rio really doesn’t want the Occupiers to come and my neighbors and I are dreading their arrival. The protesters bring anger and yelling, the Bohemians bring music and poetry. Which do you think we prefer?

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