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Yabba-Dauber-Do Bingo helps Bob Burke’s work continue

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 | Posted by

Yabba Dauber Do! Bingo for Bob Burke’s Kids

Bob Burke-Certified Good Guy

Costume contest, snack bar, free “guano,” and this month, free admission to anyone who rides in on a live dinosaur or brings a saber tooth tiger on a leash.
Some say it’s the most fun you can have sitting down with your elbows on the table. Others concede that it’s being able to get in touch with their inner maniac without retribution. No wonder Sisters Bingo is a sell out every time it rears its mutated head.
As a salute to “The Flintstones” (that’s a guess) November’s bingo event has been tagged “Yabba Dauber Do! ” bingo and it benefits Bob Burkes Kids.

Bob Burke’s Kids is a year-round program for children with cancer and other serious illnesses which involves enjoyable, mostly outdoors activities specifically geared to children with serious illnesses and disabilities.
These include summer barbecues Wednesday evenings along the  Russian River in Forestville infused with  all the joys and camraderie  safe, well fed and nurtued children in the woods could handle.

During winter, the kids enjoy bowling and  trout fishing trips, followed by pizza. Holidays are particularly vibrant celebrations with traditional Halloween parties, Thanksgiving gatherings and feasts and a Christmas Social with all the trimmings you’d see in a Norman Rockwell painting
For over 30 years Bob Burke and his supporters have provided this loving non-profit program for seriously challenged children, teens, and for families who have lost a child, and is funded by the generosity of those who appreciate Burke’s work.

“You’re sure the Log Cabin people are meeting here?”

Burke a Forestville native, died of a heart attack at his Forestville home in November 2010 at the age of 63.
He was well known for operating along with his sister, Burke’s Canoe Trips based at the resort their parents established at the intersection of Mirabel and River Roads some 70 years ago.
In the early ’70s while working as a hospital volunteer, Burke  met a young cancer patient who told Burke that throughout her treatment she’d had no other children to play with, and no way to enjoy  activities others of her age could enjoy. Burke was so touched he founded, in 1974,  what would eventually become Bob Burke’s Kids. To celebrate the birth of his decision to pursue this personal mission, he treated 18 children to an inaugural  fishing adventure on the Russian River. Burke was a “partner” with dozens of educational, assistance, and government agencies which exist to help those  who most need it.
What this heartfelt, philanthropic enterprise has to do with stone cars, wooley mammoths and Fred and Barney’s split-level homes would be shrouded in mystery except for Fred’s habit of shouting YABBA-DABBA-DO! which sounds so much like YABBA-DAUBER-DO, the hip-yet- cosmopolitan Sisters couldn’t pass  up the connection.
Although Burke is gone his agency carries on his work and this Give Back Tuesday will help it to continue.

$20 for two Bingo packs, age 21 and over, raffle tickets eligible for free “guano” included.

When: 6 p.m.(doors open) Saturday, Nov. 10

Odd Fellows Hall, First Street just east of the Veteran’s Hall and the W.C.S.

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