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Berdalee, host of “Theme Park,” airs it out

Thursday, November 1st, 2012 | Posted by | 8 responses

8 Comments for “Berdalee, host of “Theme Park,” airs it out”

  1. You forgot to mention Berdalee also hosts a local comedy show called “The Reset Button”. It’s a show where they pretend to be delusional new agers reveling in ignorance, half baked ideas and any other ignorant whim that floats their way. I think it’s meant to be a dig at how the right wing can mow over wishful progressives and sloppy thinking. Anyhow tune in, it’s a hoot!

    • You must really find it entertaining, else you haven’t learned how to change the station.
      I think it was Will Rogers who once said, “I have no sympathy for people who, if they don’t like my show, are just too lazy to turn the radio dial.”

  2. If the world needs anything, it is an alternative way of thinking that keeps us from drowning in cynical “realism.” I appreciate the reminder to reset my ‘disillusioned’ pessimism about the world. If pragmatic progressivism could save us from being steamrollered by rightwing religious fundamentalism, Obama would have steamrollered Romney by now.

    • Are you speaking of the thousands of innocent Civilians who have been “pragmatically” murdered by Obama’s drones? Perhaps you are awed by the “progressive” fierceness that Obama has (NOT) shown holding the 1% accountable for the economic collapse and it’s systemic destruction of America’s middle class? Is it his escalation of the Afghanistan quagmire? To refer to Obama as a “progressive”, pragmatic or not, is Tea-Party strength delusional.

  3. Just for fun, try hitting your reset button.

    • What a cute idea! Perhaps the children murdered by American drones could find peace with some of your spunky logic.

      • Mr. Deverson/Tanager etc. I have two questions.
        What does Berdalee have to do with drones and murder,
        and what keeps you from using your real name?

  4. Berdaleeeeeeeeeisawesomeeeeeeeeee! Nobody in Guerneville gives better joy and fun on the radio. Adore her. Truly lovely.

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