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Superstorm Sandy victims to benefit from Give Back Tuesday

Sunday, November 18th, 2012 | Posted by

Rainbow Cattle Company

Bobby Frederick, and the other two  foresightful and generous operators of The Rainbow Cattle Company have

Event Organizer Rodger Jensen karaoke’s the World a love song

designated  this coming Give Back Tuesday (November 20)  as a benefit for people “who are going through Hell( and high water)” because of Hurricane Sandy.

Unless you’re one of those altruistic people who actually killed their TV, you’ve seen the misery, devastation and heartbreak that have brought people to the edge of hopelessness, and you understand they need all the help they can get.
Since helping those who need it has been the Rainbow’s Tuesday mission for the last eight years, it seems Bobby has made a wise and heartfelt choice regarding who this Tuesday’s beneficiaries  should be.

Rodger Jensen of the R3 Resort , a thoughtful and proactive member of the community  is the point guy as far as food donations for the buffet and so far Otto W. Willis and his partner Chuck, as well as Sister Scarlet Billows and Stace at Russian River Escapes have volunteered to help Jensen with food preparation. Shannon Hartlep is coordinating the raffle. Raffle donations can be dropped off at Twice Told Books in Guerneville (inside the Coffee Bazaar) until 5 on Tuesday the 20th or you can bring them to the Rainbow Cattle Company afterwords.
The legitimacy of the victims’ dire needs being apparent, raffle donations are expected to be monumental in quality and number, and the foods offered, plentiful and diverse.
Many Lower River residents are East Coast transplants and have friends and relatives who have been wallowing in high muddy water and misery, so the expectation is the Rainbow will see a busy evening. But considering how motivated people are about this just cause, there should be plenty of vittles for everyone.

The Rainbow as well as those involved in coordinating the event  are dedicated to making this a very productive and special evening, and it has been decided the American Red Cross, a solid organization with a legendary track record for coming through in times of hardship and disaster, will be  receiving and disbursing the funds as they see fit.

Rodger says: “You’re coming too, right?”

The entire lower River community is supportive of this event, understands how disrupted many people’s lives have become and and having gone through major floods and received help themselves, take great satisfaction in being able to pay it forward. If you can share in this, everyone involved (and all the faceless victims we’ll likely never meet) would love for you to come by. $5 donation for buffet, raffle prizes through the ceiling.

When: 6 p.m. until it’s over

Wgere: Rainbow Cattle Company, 16220 Main Street, Guerneville  869-0206

  • http://www.rrsisters.org Mary Agneberg

    Thank you Stephen!

    • Stephen Gross

      Thanks Shannon for taking it upon yourself to deal with the mountain of raffle prizes I expect you’ll get. I’ll include your info in my posting and I’ll see you there.

  • Shannon Hartlep

    Thank you Stephen!! Raffle donations can be dropped off at Twice Told Books in Guerneville (inside the Coffee Bazaar) until 5 on Tuesday the 20th or you can bring them to the Rainbow Cattle Company afterwords! Really excited to see everyone there!

  • Rodger Jensen

    You are A Hero my friend! Thank you for Pumping up the event with your Great writing!



    • Stephen Gross

      Thank you so much Rodger, but it’s YOU who do so much, give of your time and energy and rally people to worthy causes. Compared to all you do, writing about it is not “heroic” at all!

  • http://www.rrsisters.org Mary Agneberg

    The turn-out at GBT last nght was huge- thank you for getting the word out Stephen!

  • Stephen Gross

    You’re very welcome. Rodger said more than $1800 was raised at the event, and everyone loved your tuna casserole (except for the tuna).

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