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George’s Hideaway comes out of hiding

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 | Posted by

George’s Hideaway (in plain sight)

The train no longer stops at Montesano, and the train station has morphed into George’s Hideaway, a rustic 122-year-old structure that’s a relic from another era has reopened under the management of Phil and Deb McGauley, and according to  word on the street, it’s getting a lot of attention.

According to Ms. McGauley, it was originally a train station called Montesano, which was purchased in the early 1900s by Evelyn Ripkin and her husband and had a reputation for being a rowdy tavern with six bedrooms, mostly furnished with loose women. It  has the feel of a Black Forest hunting lodge, with stone fireplace, antlers on the wall, a long well-used bar and a floor which, like a setting sun,  slopes gently down from the east  to the west.

Deb McGauley reports that “I’m unable to open the upstairs to use due to the condition of the building, but it’s truly amazing!” Restaurants have come and gone at the location and the latest edition is a mom-and-pop operation that features pot pies made by the apparently capable hands of chef Phil McGauley.

As of late,  Guerneville and environs has indeed become a hot destination for foodies, has been written about in nationally circulated magazines and out-of-town newspapers,  and now 3/P’s promises to make it a taste hotter.

Within the last year or so, joining Chef Patrick’s, the River Inn, the Garden Grill, Main Street Station, the Highland Dell, Trio, the Village Inn, Agriculture, the Taqueria and Coffee Bazaar several new eateries have opened, among them Ono’ s Hawaiian BBQ, Boon Eat + Drink, the Big Bottom, Monte Rio’s Bridge Cafe, Hi-Five Korean/American and now 3/P’s (for Phil’s Pot Pies). In a few months Seaside Metal, a raw oyster bar and seafood establishment with roots in San Francisco will open next to the Rainbow.

According to Ms. McGauley, 3/P’s staff shops locally for their basics  such as seafood from The Tides, meat and poultry from Santa Rosa Meat and  Poultry, and gets fresh produce from Imwalle Gardens, one of Sonoma county’s oldest and most praiseworthy nurseries.

Chef Phil has 30 years of culinary experience, says Deb McGauley,  beginning with Chef John Ash, and he was the VIP Hospitality chef at Korbel for almost two decades.  In 2011 the McGauleys started selling homemade savory and fruit pot pies, and word-of-mouth success fired their desire to open a restaurant.

They call their cozy cabin a Comfort Food Station and plan on selling take-and-bake pot pies in the near future.

Their pot pies take 45 minutes to put together, but if you know you want one, you can phone ahead. Or you can borrow a book from their bookshelf, watch the Niners on the TV and talk to Jeannie behind the bar while you wait.

Here  is 3P’s current  current website, which includes menu information.http://www.3ps-philspotpies.com

The McGauleys have been open since Nov. 29, “the rainiest, windiest, scariest day of the year so far, to a packed house.” says Deb who, along with Phil, is looking toward the horizon at a bright and busy  pie-filled future.

Tribal Hippie UnderGround Zone trade music for pot pies

The 3/P’s “Grand Opening” is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 16, with the ever-popular THUGZ will be helping them cruise into the future by performing a freebie from 3 – 7 p.m.

Tie-Dye tribal hippies jamming in a 122-year-old hunting lodge by the Russian River in the shadow of redwoods, hot pot-pies in the oven, cozy fireplace, no cover charge. It’s almost enough to make the locals feel smug about living here.

Where: 18100 Hwy. 116,  halfway between Monte Rio and Guerneville

  • LC

    Thanks for the history lesson Stephen! If walls could talk, I’m sure we could be there for hours listening to wonderful stories! I’ve been helping Deb and Phil out at 3/P’s, and the comments from customers have all been extremely positive! Many have returned 2 or 3 times and we’ve only been open two weekends. Chef Phil definitely knows what he is doing in the kitchen, and the plates coming in to be washed after dinner says it all… not a scrap left! … If I new any better I’d think that people were licking their plates clean! :) Looking forward to another busy weekend, and a great grand opening party!

  • Lex

    Thanks for the article, Stephen! Always enjoy hearing about great places to eat on the River. I’ve been to 3/Ps twice since they opened a couple weeks ago. The first time I was too early for dinner but not for the bar bites menu. I tried the pulled pork sliders and a spicy slaw that was to die for. So yummy I brought friends back for the pot pies and turkey chili. Mine was a shellfish curry pot pie. My friends raved, and I got to be smug, satisfied and WELL fed!

  • Deb

    We had our first of many visits to 3/P’s last Friday night and had Phil’s short ribs with mashed potatoes. Amazing! we’ll be back soon!

  • http://none Kay Welch

    I live in Florida, but have been lucky to sample the wonderful food prepared by Phil when we visit California. Next time I’m out there I will definitely make a trip to 3/P’s because it sounds like a great place to sample the local flavor and be comforted by fine food. Thanks for the article.

  • ThreeP

    This is pretty hilarious. This article is merely a press release that pats the new owners on the back for all of the work that the previous restaurant put into this place. I used to go to the Hideaway when it was open, but after reading this, I’m hesitant to go back to this great place. Shame on you, Deb and Phil.

    • Stephen Gross

      Thanks for your comment crowev01 – I’m glad we were able to amuse you.

    • Deb McGauley

      Ah, come on in and check it out. Bet you won’t be disappointed with the changes and upgrades. Give it a try! :-)

  • M

    3P’s…. GREAT FOOD!!!!!

  • CKW

    Phil’s food is AMAZING and the atmosphere Deb & Phil have created in a historic restaurant with their yummy food and warm, welcoming, family environment is so great! Anyone who has yet to meet Deb & Phil or sampled their food, really has NO ROOM to talk! I ordered the Turkey Chili, which was amazing, and a pulled-pork sandwich to-go for my husband. I, of course, had to try a bite of it, and honestly it took everything in me to leave the rest of it for him! It was SO full of flavor and life, and the pulled pork melted in my mouth! YUMMY!!! Can’t wait to order it next time so I don’t have to share!

  • Diane Spain

    Thanks for the wonderful plug Stephen. We’re thriled to have Phil and Deb join our family at George’s Hideaway. The food is great and it’s wonderful.to see the place come alive,

  • Stephen Gross

    Happy to hear from you Diane. You are most welcome, but although I agree, I think of my posts as “reports” rather than “plugs”

  • Sam

    I had the great pleasure of savoring Chef Phil’s delicious, consistently high quality meals years ago at John Ash and Co. and Glen Ellen Inn , and more recently at Korbel. What great fortune for the community that Chef Phil is once again sharing his gifts with the public at George’s and not just cooking for private guests at the winery. He is extraordinarily talented and skillful, as well as warm and hospitable and down to earth – as is his lovely wife and partner, Debra.

  • K

    Good artical! I’ve known and worked with Deb & Phil for many years and was not shocked when the new biz took off running from the start!!!! They are both good people with warm smiles and Chef Phil’s food will melt your taste buds!!!! The hideaway is a must see and eat place!!!!

  • Nancy

    Amazing!!! We ate there Friday night and the Short Ribs were unbelievable!!!! My husband and I were talking about them the rest of the weekend! We also had the lemonade ice cream pie- delicious!! The atmosphere was so warm and friendly – I felt like I was having dinner at a friends house! We can’t wait to go back!!

  • Sister Claire Voyante

    Keep on plugging us out here at the River, Stephen …….
    You do a wonderful job with the PD on line publication.
    The Hideaway food is better than ever, and all the staff are great to work with !
    And I know, I’ve been working there over 13 years . . . .
    Yay Deb Yay Phil Yay !!

    • Stephen Gross

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words, and I’m sure Deb and Phil are happy with all the positive input they’ve been receiving. I love reporting on all the new restaurants, the excellent free music and how much pride the locals have in this spectacular area. A few short years ago it was beginning to look seedy and run down but with this fairly recent infusion of energy, the upgrades and the improvements we’ve made plus the out-of-town media attention we’re getting, Guerneville and environs seems to have made a 180 degree turn and the future (along with the present) is looking much brighter.

  • Laura

    Thanks Stephen. I’m enjoying your Guerneville coverage in the PD and am delighted with all the great things happening in town. Have Deb and Phil actually changed the name of the Hideaway? And, do you know if they have a website with the menu? Would appreciate links in your stories to places you mention. Keep up the great work.

    • Stephen Gross

      Hi Laura – I just called Deb (the co-owner) and she said the official name is 3p’s Comfort Food Station at the Hideaway” She getting a web site together shortly, and the menu will be on the website.

  • Sheryl

    Are George’s Hide-Away and 3/P’s one and the same? So many new eateries were listed in the article that I’m not sure. Do they have a website with an online menu? I hope so. That is something that a lot of the local eateries are lacking – Taking pictures of menus with my cell phone so that I can call in an order gets old!

    • Stephen Gross

      Thanks for asking, Sheryl. According to Deb, who with her husband Phil owns it, the official name is: “3 P’s Comfort Food Station at the Hideaway”. Yes, she does plan on getting a website together in the near future and she will have an on line menu.

  • Deb McGauley

    To answer the question of on-line menu…not yet :/ but soon! In the meantime if you want one, and can’t make it in to grab a menu brochure, email me at info@3ps-philspotpies.com and I’ll send you one in a word doc. We will have a lot of menus available to take home this Sunday at the grand opening. We gave out quite a few tonight so I’ll be printing more. Thanks for the interest! :-)

  • Cheryl

    George’s Hideaway, or The Hideaway, or Angie’s George’s Hideaway has been owned and operated by Angela Stanford for nearly 44 years. There have been many restaurants housed under the roof of the old Montesano Train Station. A few include: Cat’s, Jonathon’s Grill, Niko’s, Stevie’s Kitchen, TJ’s, The Hideaway, and now, 3P’s Comfort Food Station. We are delighted and excited, as always to welcome a new restauranteur to the old place. We have high hopes for a long and successful partnership! Cheers!

  • Woody

    Great to see the old place stay’n alive….

  • Angelique Heddings

    After working at the Hideaway for the last year, for our wonderful priors chefs, Evan and Noelle, and now with the fantastic 3Ps, Chef Phil and his lovely partner and wife Deb, I am thrilled to be a continuing part of the Hideaway team and family. The place is charming, funky, ohsoriver, the atmosphere honors the history of the space, and the people in the kitchen are eager to serve and please the community with damn good gourmet comfort food. The Jumbleberry pie. OhMy. And a hell of a drink. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

  • Juanito Bandito

    Mmmm……burp scuse me. Yet another fine reincarnation of the kitchen @ George’s Hideaway. Thanks Angie!

  • Woody

    Angie’s Hidaway has alway been a great place, so much history and all the characters that have so many stories to tell. Ever since Angie’s health has bad, the gal’s have held to old place together…..Thank’s Diane, Mary, Cheryl and Jeanie. I have so many great memories and only if the walls could talk it would make a book reflecting the River and so much of the history. Thanks girl’s for keeping the place alive…. Be sure and look over Angie, she’s always been my second mother and my dearest friend…
    Many Mahalo’s from Hawaii,

  • http://welcometotheriver terri f

    After reading all the reviews Im going to have lunch or dinner there sounds good. I used to go there a long time ago that’s where I met Charlie Manson. I remember he didn’t like people from the river Guess he couldn’t manipulate them. Sounds like things have changed. I love a place that serves good food and is homey and comfortable. Youll be seeing me soon

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