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Hi Five attracting attention in Guerneville

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 | Posted by

Hi Five

하이 파이브  opens in Guerneville

For those of you who don’t read Korean, the above translates as Hi Five, which is the name of the new Korean/American restaurant which  opened in Pat’s at 16236 Main Street in Guerneville on Saturday, December 1.
The operators are David Blomster, who has a rich background in art and design and is an alumnus of Boon Eat + Drink, and Eugene Birdsall, who learned the art of preparing Korean cuisine from his mother, will also fill the role of chef.
Blomster chose the name intending to present a concept indicative of “a cohesive package.” Says Blomster, the new eatery is a Korean/American Diner “with an emphasis on playful and eclectic combinations, sometimes bordering on silly. The Menu is broken down into 5 categories with 5 items in each. There are 5 menu items called Hi Five X 1 = $5 and 5 menu items called Hi Five X 2 = $10″ and so on.
The Hi Five Surprise (weekly special) will be known as Hi Five x  5, will cost $25 and will be the singular dish offered in that price category.

Blomster explains, “The atmosphere is very casual, the music will be slightly loud, the servers will wear what they want and the menu items will be thoroughly accessible yet deceptively sophisticated.”
Pat’s, popular since 1945 as a place which has a consistently dependable breakfast and lunch menu will remain open and continue as it has, and Hi Five will fill out the day by serving

Hi-Five chef Eugene Birdsall

For those unfamiliar with Pat’s, Blomster describes it as, “an authentic Northern California “50’s” Diner that seats about 70 people. The front has a stainless steel wall and spinning counter stools with four booths. The back has the feeling of a forgotten lodge with wood sided walls, a fireplace and painted antique saws hung without a care for design. Also, connected to the restaurant is a “dive” bar in all of its authenticity.” He is excited about the bountiful “aesthetic contrasts” and about the talents of his partner who has cooked in Sonoma county and Baltimore for the past decade.
Blomster, who managed Boon Eat+Drink for 3 1/2 years,  met Birdsall, who also worked there and they’re thrilled to spin off a few doors down and do their own culinary thing.

Among the menu items they offer: Fried Sonoma Brinery Pickles with Sausalito Springs watercress + Kimchi aioli Kimchi pierogies with potato, house made kimchi, cotija and pluot plum sauce A selection of noodle bowls with market vegetables a choice of stock and a choice of tofu, pork belly, OB beer battered shrimp, KFC or hot dog Korean Fried Crack (the other KFC) with vanilla slaw and buttered bread Hi Five Bo Ssam with house made kimchi, butchered garlic, chili peppers, rice, butter leaf lettuce and Ssamjang with a choice of

Pat’s Restaurant

tofu, pork belly, KFC, LA kalbi or Kurobuta spicy pork.

Blomster and Birdsall are not sure how long Hi-Five’s run will be (Pat’s is currently for sale) but they’ve been busy since they  opened and they’re currently in no hurry to relocate.
Winter Hours: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.,  Friday and Saturday, Sunday through Thursday, 5 p.m. to 11p.m., and they will be  closed  Mondays.

  • foodbiotech

    Wish you well. I am hoping you can change the first impressions many of us have had relating to this cuisine. The stock photo of ‘trad k-food does not tend to further this wish however. Y’all have a chance–make it good. So, when’s the Thai food resty coming? And some chicken & waffles?

  • http://coastingwithmarina.blogspot.com Marina

    Anyone who learned to cook traditional food from his mother, be it Korean, Mexican, Kenyan or even Vulcan has my full respect. After being in La Jolla for the past month, I found the comment above rather snarky. Seems snobbery is not just a feature of wealthy So Cal burbs. Come on, then you suggest chicken and waffles? Welcome Hi Five! Sounds delish!

    • Stephen Gross

      Thanks for your input. I agree that it’s unfair to prejudge an individual’s proficiency by a photo of food prepared by someone else.

    • foodbiotech

      Vulcan food, yum.
      Chicken & waffles featured at new SOCo resty. Check it out http://www.biteclubeats.com/pear-opens-in-napa/ That’s some yum.
      By the way, ate twice @ Hi Five and liked what I ordered-I’m glad it seems a hit!

  • D. WhittenWshazbot

    Good luck, your going to need it. Not the first time a place is trying to use Pats as an after hours eatery, foreign food to boot. I don’t see it lasting, unless you come up with a place to eat that majority of the towns locals want or can afford. Foreign food just doesn’t go over well in this town, many have tried. I’m not interested in that kind of food either, just because you may think it sounds like a good idea for this town. I just don’t think your odds are good, again unless its a fairly cheap place and serv food people around here are going to like and want its not going to last. Bring back the MOAB, then you mite make it in this town.

    • Otto Willis

      Yes it affordable! Prices are excellent. How do you know you don’t like it if you don’t give it a try! I’m all for variety of International Flavors! Korean American Is simply Comfort Food with some Fresh on the side! The menu is well rounded & with dinner specials too! Go Hi Five Go Pat’s & then visit the Bar @ Pat’s play the Jukebox & be kind to the bartender!

  • Stephen Gross

    Thanks for getting in touch. The only MOAB I know is a town in Utah. The owner of the Hi-Five restaurant is David Blomster and since I’m not sure if he’ll see your comment, you might want to contact him directly.

  • Left Bank

    Take out?

  • Stephen Gross

    Don’t know. Mr. Blomster didn’t offer that info but the best way to find out would be to call him.
    The phone number is 869-9904 and they’re open now.

  • http://www.hifivedine.com David Blomster

    Thanks for the comments everyone and to Stephen for writing the article. Also, thank you to so many of the Guerneville locals and the regulars at Pat’s for being so welcoming and trying Eugene Birdsall’s incredible Korean/American Dinners. We are thrilled to be here!
    Take out: Yes

    David Blomster

  • LC

    Not sure about MOAB either, before my time here. But 3/P’s Comfort Food Station at the Hideaway just opened last weekend. Good, fresh comfort food, at reasonable prices. If Hi Five does not suit your taste buds, how about homemade pot pies, Turkey Chili, Vegetable Lasagna, Pulled Pork sandwich, homemade soups, or one of the awesome daily specials. Tonight you can try Braised Short Ribs, or Fresh Clam Linguini.

    • LC

      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for coming in to 3/P’s Comfort Station at the Hideaway last night. We hope you enjoyed your meal! I believe you spoke with Deb McGauley, the owner, and she gave you all the info you asked for above. Spread the word! Thanks!

  • Gville

    It’s exciting to see Guerneville offer fun food to everybody. High 5 has quick, tasty $5 treats to full meals for more money. What I love about it is that for everyone who wonders if they like ‘Korean-American’ food, there’s a full tummy and a big grin after dining here. I wondered if I’d dig it.. but dang, it’s terrific!

  • Jim

    Will Dog be on the menu.LOLjust kidding.should consider putting a hamburger menu on there. You might do well there. Just saying.

  • Jen

    You should be in The Barlow in Sebastopol!

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