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R3 Marathon raises $6K for non-profits in half a day

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 | Posted by

Bob & Marcia St. Clair at the R3

Arriving at Guerneville’s R3 resort at Noon on Christmas Day, Santa Claus decided it was such bastion of cheer and good will, he would send his elves to travel round the globe and himself, hang around until midnight!
He even did a stint as a Celebrity Bartender as part of a fund-raising marathon

Bob St. Clair and Rodger Jensen

created to raise money for five local non-profits.
Joining San Francisco Forty Niner Hall-of-Famer (class of 1990), Bob St.  Clair and his wife Marsha, and “Mama” (Sandy Reinhardt) of Mama’s nationally celebrated Leather Family were 22 additional bartenders, with shift changes announced by a ringing bell every half-hour. The lucky recipients were River to Coast Childcare Services, the Russian River Senior Center, Food for Thought, Face to Face and the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Condom Fund.
With  Country Dan Hartman running his Karaoke operation from 4 p.m. on into the next day, everyone got their last chance to grab a mike and serenade the supportive yet mellow  crowd with Christmas tunes, many of which were not “G” rated and being performed live for the first time, anywhere.
By 1:30 p.m., with three guest bartender shifts completed, $305.50 in tips had rolled in and Leslie Sachrison,  the R3’s front office manager at the R3 since 1996 was thrilled with the early enthusiasm and looking at what was promising to be an “awesome day.”
Meanwhile, at Guerneville’s Vets Memorial Hall, the Russian River  Sisters who received donations of more than 40 turkeys and a pen-full of hams, contributed all the side dishes and dinnerware, decorated, set up tables and illuminated a lovely Christmas tree surrounded by a mountain of gifts designated for the children in the crowd.  Mama  of “Mama’s Leather Family”, had the pleasure of handing out the gifts.
The organization Mama heads, conducts an annual toy drive for Sunburst Projects, which provides support services to families affected by HIV/AIDS and Camp Sunburst, which is the nation’s first therapeutically designed summer

Mama (Sandy Reinhardt) gifting a friend at Community Dinner

camp for children and families.

Dinner was served from noon to 4 p.m.  and bubbly and cheerful despite the wet weather, hundreds of appreciative people showed up and had dinner plates loaded to overflowing by an energetic  cadre of volunteers.
As of 7 p.m., Sachrison, at the R3. stated, “The bar and Marathon are getting busy again!! As of 7 p.m. we have raised $4722.60!! Five hours to go!!”

As town folk, their bellies full,  drifted over to the R3 after dinner, the Karaoke became more spirited and the bar action once again picked up.
As the 8:30 p.m. shift began the total grew to  $5093.64 and Sachrison brightly announced, “This is being a truly awesome day!!”

As of this morning, owner of the R3, Ray Allen, reported that the total amount raised was $6,534. 19, all donated in tips given to the celebrity bartenders during the 12-hour marathon, which means in half-a-day, the little hamlet of Guerneville in the true spirit of the Holidays,  ponied up more than $1,300 for each of five local non-profits. Something most towns might boast about, but more and more, this is becoming Guerneville’s signature way of life.

all photos: S.D. Gross

  • Sister Sparkle Plenty

    Thank you Stephen for a very nice article.
    I would also like to extend many, many grateful “thank yous” to all who helped make these fundraisers successful! Leslie, Ray and crew of R3, thank you so much!! We truly appreciate your efforts!
    We Sisters had several fundraisers over the months to fund food for the holiday dinner, but when we found out our storage unit had been wiped clean of EVERYTHING except two tablecloths, we had a bit of a panic. We weren’t prepared to replace all the missing supplies, but our community was!! Many people stepped up to help with donations of food and supplies. Several angels stepped forward and went shopping to replace lost cooking pots and utensils. The dinner was able to happen.
    Thank you all for your generosity towards our community!

  • http://www.mamasfamily.org Mama Reinhardt

    OMG it was the BEST Toy Drive in 11 yr.s. Thank’s to so many who put their Heart & Soul into the Toy Drive’s that start’s in S.F. in July . You all are amazing. Plz. ck. my w-site so you’ll see how the Toy Drive was started. Wishing all the BEST in 2013 & Plz be safe ” I NEED you” :)

  • Sister Claire Voyante

    Stephen, Thank you for always taking the time and care to report what is truly happening here in the West County. You are in my heart and all of the Sisters’ Hearts as well !!!!!
    Love, Claire

    • Stephen Gross

      Back atcha! You and your generous and compassionate order truly set a sterling example for the rest of us to follow. Thanks so much for all the love you disseminate and the good you do! Hope you all have a safe and totally delightful New Year!

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