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River Theater-Tubes and Floyds (not Floods) this weekend

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House of Floyd India Tour

A surrealistic junkyard of kitschy, bizarre and incongruous masks, statuary, nightmarish haunts and mind-bending light displays, Jerry Knight’s River Theater is also a warm, friendly and  welcoming multi-level theater with a sizable dance floor, an impressive sound system, two bars, pool tables, and gracious hosts, including Jerry himself.  Knight has brought several A-List acts to his theater and on New Year’s weekend, he is presenting a few more.

The Tubes with front man Fee Waybill, since their 1973 Day on the Green at San Francisco’s Kezar Stadium and their May 1974 performance at Winterland, have been upsetting parents and inciting people to behave irregularly for  almost 40 years.

When they appear on Friday, December 28 at Mr. Knight’s River Theater we may expect them to hobble on stage aided by walkers. But the smart money is betting that won’t happen. Word is out they continue to be “White Punks on Dope” (their first hit single) and as satirical, titillating and irreverent as ever.
Their set list at their 1976 New Years Eve performance at Berkeley Community Theater included, “Mondo Bondage”, “Don’t Touch Me There”, “White Punks….”, “Pimp” and “Proud to be An American.”
Beginning in 1972 as a group of high school friends from Phoenix and Scottsdale the current Tubes are a result of the merger of two bands and their core membership remained the same for years, now consisting of Roger Steen, Prairie Prince, Fee Waybill. Rick Anderson and David Medd.

The Tubes

They have a long, multi-layered and sometimes intriguing history but their live performances are what has separated them from the mainstream and been a magnet for adventurous audiences. The Tubes put their creativity and propensity for art  into their live performances, in which songs are often full fledged production numbers, sometimes featuring a dozen performers from tap dancers, to acrobats to madcap deviants of any stripe and color. Excess was a common theme of the band’s early work, with Waybill sometimes assuming the onstage persona of “Quay Lewd”, a drunk, drugged out, barely coherent lead singer, wearing flashing glasses and stilt-like tall platform shoes.

“What Do You Want From Life?”, became another of the Tubes’ signature songs, and satirizes consumerism and celebrity culture, but politics, social mores and anything taboo or part of mainstream living.
Reading about them is one thing but seeing up close and in person why they’re referred  to as having earned a reputation for being one of the most entertaining live acts of all time is said to be a memorable experience.

Pollo Enfermo with Prairie Prince, along with Phil Park and their crew will also perform as well as Virgil Shaw and the Killer Views. Singer/songwriter Shaw, a native of Northern California played with Dieselhead for eight years, later performing and recording as a solo artist, sometimes with the help of his back-up band dubbed “The Killer Views”.
The price of admission is $25 and you must be at least 21 to attend.
When: 8 p.m., Friday, December 28,

On Saturday, December 29,  Knight is presenting what he calls “our biker event (bring your favorite ride)”.  Knight says “The Ghost Warriors” and associated M.C.s are hosting the event and he states the Warriors’ motto is “Leave your attitude at home”.
The Ghost Warriors state that: “We are a Northern California Club based on Native American religious practices and traditions.  We are a family friendly club and share a love of American Motorcycles, Brotherhood and the open road.  We participate in a number of motorcycle events in the North Bay area and sponsor some of our own.”
Knight says the Warriors are producing the event, there will be “lots of security” and it will be a “safe event”.
He has arranged parking for the motorcycles at the large lot he owns (which he calls “The Circus”)  across the street from the theater because he’s doing his best to ensure his audience doesn’t drink and drive. Knight is referring to it as “A one-of-a-kind event and says he expects between 700 and 1,000 people.
The Jody Counter Band, known for their heartily delivered Blues, rock and roll. rhythm and blues and whatever else they’re in the mood to play, is comprised of Jody Counter – Guitar – Vocals, John Ranis – Guitar – Vocals, ‘Tree’ Territo – Bass – Vocals and Scott Olsen – Drums – Vocals.
A trio based in Portland, Oregon, Hookah Stew is said to be “known for their

Hookah Stew

wide musical range and frenetic performances,” and they specialize in ska, rasta, funk and punk. Their names are Jae, Mike and Johnny and they describe themselves as a  “touring band in search of the perfect wave”. The price of admission is $20 and you must be 21 or older to attend.
When: 8 p.m., Saturday, December 29

If you saw “When Worlds Collide” and were anxious about not having a seat on that escape rocket, and if you’ve been losing sleep ever since you learned the Mayan Calendar “ended” and expected to do so on the solstice yourself, you’ll have much to celebrate on New Years Eve, and the River Theater might be an appropriate place  in which to do it.
Since hearing “Interstellar Overdrive” blaring out of the speakers at Haight Street’s Psychedelic Shop,  Pink Floyd’s iconic sounds have captivated people worldwide, vaulting cultural and class barriers, and appealing to people from Lake Charles to Lhasa. Floyd’s performances included cosmic journeys, flying pigs, stultifying light shows, hypnotic arrangements, fog and a healthy dose of magic. Pink Floyd performances and tickets are hard to come by these days and the last few times they played, it was to assemblages of multitudes of people.
But emerging from that explosive spirit and sonorous magnetism, House of Floyd is prepared to faithfully emulate Pink Floyd itself.
Calling themselves an “immersive tribute band”, the San Francisco-based group has evolved into a band of distinction. Says H.O.F.’s literature, “Rather than simply replicating the iconic band’s recorded songs, House Of Floyd focuses on the adventurous live arrangements and sonic explorations of their namesake. Built around the jam-based interpretations and engulfing sound effects and visuals that made Pink Floyd’s live sets so popular, House Of Floyd delivers serious  musical magic.” The group’s members are:
Mark Showalter- Keyboards, Saxophone & Vocals, Pat Potter  - Guitar, Lap Steel & Vocals, Lou Portela  - Bass & Vocals, Greg Studley – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Stewart Burr – Drums, Sheri Showalter – Vocals & Percussion, Mellissa Harley – Vocals & Percussion.

Moonalice, touring since 2007, was formed from members of other bands including Jefferson Airplane bassist Jack Casady (no longer with the band) Pete Sears whose 40 years of experience include working with Rod Stewart, Phil Lesh, John Cipollina, and Los Lobos, Roger and Ann McNamee, Barry Siess and John


Molo. According to their profile, Moonalice grew up with Elvis and practices freedom of speech every day. Moonalice is a “tribe” comprised of Jésus H. Moonalice (Barry Sless) – bass, guitar, pedal steel, vocals
 Sir Sinjin Moonalice (Pete Sears) – bass, keyboards, accordion, guitar, vocals
 Blue Moonalice (Ann McNamee) – bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals
 White Cloud Moonalice (John Molo) – bass and drums
Chubby Wombat Moonalice (Roger McNamee) – bass, guitar, vocals
Their MySpace page spells out the Moonalice Legend in depth in which, it’s said,  they’ve descended from Piltdown Woman, snake-charmed gardeners and friendly dinosaurs.
The price of attending this New Year’s Eve event is $40. and you must be 21 or over to attend.

Where:  Jerry Knight’s River Theater, 16135 Main Street, Guerneville

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