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The List: Seven Sassy Sisters with Special Skills

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 | Posted by

Sister Beatrix Uppersleeve

Sr Beatrix Uppersleeve

Board President, 
Mistress of Ceremonies,
Co-Mistress of Archives
Why did you join?
I joined because I saw a definite need in the community.
I have lots of respect for the people who work in the community.
What inspires you?
Sister Sparkle has been an inspiration for me.
How long have you been a Sister?
I’ve been a Sister since May.


Sister Sorenda ‘da Booty
Mistress of Novices,
Co-Mistress of Archives,

Sr Sorenda da Booty

Co-Mistress of Saints
Why did you join?
I have been searching for an extended family all of my adult life, and when I

joined the order, I knew I had found a group of fantastic people that are my family!


Sister Claire Voyante

Board Member,
 Diesel Dogma Chairnun,
UNPC Chairnun
When did you discover your calling?

Sr Claire Voyante

I discovered my calling when I was 3 years old and found I fit perfectly in my brother’s jeans. I am a bio/straight redneck female.
Why did you join?

I joined because I can. I also joined because I can make a difference.

Sister Sara Femme Fatale

Mistress of Blessings/Rituals,
Mistress of Habits,
Mistress of Protocol
Why did you join?
Because everything about it felt perfect. As a nun, I am absolutely the best parts of me. I love every aspect of it: Dressing up, indulging myself with fun and beauty and ruffles and glitter. The permission I have to engage with my

Sr Sara Femme Fatale

community and the accountability. Once I step out into the world in my veil I am a representative of the queer spiritual community. People expect a Sister to stop, give a blessing, just listen please. For many people, the greatest gift you can give them is acknowledgement. How often we move through the world trying our

very hardest not to make eye contact, not to touch, to have our journey throughout the day be as sterile and noncommittal as possible. I receive much of my energy through interaction. As a Sister I am fully immersed in this community and that connection has the power to hold and heal that which is NOT the best parts of me. And being a Sister has educated me on what a blessing is and how to count and honor them.

Sister Scarlet Billows
Pride & Scholarships Chairnun
Rules By Which Scarlet Billows Lives:

Sr Scarlet Billows

There’s always a way, so keep trying.
Always leave your number if you get an answering machine – even if you’re sure they have it.
Look at the Big Picture and always work for the greater good.
Go straight from problem to solution.

Sister Sparkle Plenty
Founding Member,
Co-Mistress of Saints
Be balanced and pick a good font!
In March of 2001 I heard that there was an Order of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence forming in Guerneville. I had little knowledge of the Sisters and their accomplishments within the SF community, but knew they looked fabulous and had a reputation for being “outrageous”. I realized that I desperately wanted to be a part of this group, because I was at a point in my life where I wanted to do

Sr Sparkle Plenty

something that would help me overcome my insecurities and get myself “out

there”. As a gay man I had seen a lot of suffering within my “people” and wanted to do something to make a difference.  Joining the Sisters gave me the opportunity to serve my community in a meaningful manner.

Sister Yoda Lay He-Hoo
The Hairy Scary Fairy
Why are you here?

To share my energy and life with sweet deserving people and some of the poor unfortunate souls of this world.
Tell me about something you are proud of.
My connections with people. So many personalities and souls I have had the

Sr Yoda Lay He-Hoo

pleasure to interact with in my life, finding we are all so very much alike! I am open to share conversations and creative energy with the people I connect with. My family all of the humans are.

  • http://www.rrsisters.org Mary Agneberg

    Stephen, you’re making us blush. You just can’t tell because of the whiteface makeup!

  • Sister Claire Voyante

    What a thoughtful article, SG !!

  • Guard Ian Avirtue

    Thank you for spotlighting some of our members. Sometimes, at events, community members only see the glamour and don’t get to know us individually.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Peghan.Ritual Sister Peghan Ritual

    very good read. thank you for taking your time out to interview these pillars of the community. It is a great way to reach out to new people and inform them of this great organization and the work that they do



    • Stephen Gross

      Thanks Auntie, for your kind comment. There was a time when the Sisters were often reviled and misunderstood and it has been appearing more and more that people are seeing them for what they do and who they are, and rightfully
      learning to appreciate them.

  • Sister Yoda

    Thanks for supporting and connecting us to more of the world!! You are now officially the only person allowed to call me SASSY !!!

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