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First Friday ArtWalks celebrates a dream come true

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 | Posted by | one response

March 1 is the First Friday of the month and because it’s the first anniversary of

“Starry Night” – Van Gogh

Guerneville’s monthly strolls among displays of expression made chiefly for viewing, the early proponents of these events and their compatriots are celebrating with a party. Of course you’re invited! Why else would we mention it.

The inaugural stroll took place on April 6, 2012 and the ambling and rambling got rolling at 3 P.M. and faded into darkness around  8 P.M.
In between you could have visited  the Louvre or the Rijksmuseum or Chelsea in the Village  but on Friday April 6, it was all Guerneville.

Radiant with form, imagination, shared dreams and other things people display or hang on a wall, 30 galleries and shops whose keepers love art, became part of a local pilgrimage called an Art Walk. Several of the shops held receptions, which usually meant wine and something to nosh.
Karen Lockert and Otto Willis got

David Hockney

together envisioning and collaborating on a Year-Round Monthly Art Walk, replete with artist receptions, rotating art exhibits, music, food, and  fruit of the vine.
Art Walks have been a tradition in America’s oldest city  (St.Augustine), Hanapepe in Kauai, and hundreds of other towns such as  Phoenix, Arizona  and Niwot, Colorado. But Guerneville took its plunge and is now part of the artworld’s Illuminati.
 Lockert, who was part of the group at the Russian River Art Gallery, and Willis, who worked on  similar Seattle events, were familiar with Art Walks and  interested “in getting some of the local artists on the map”. Although Lockert said  “working with artists is like herding cats”, she “wanted them to be more visible”.

“Peasant Wedding” Breughel

Lockert met Willis, whose dream it was to create a local Art Walk, their ideas and energies took flight and the  Art Walk was born.
Their dream of one Friday a month walks inspired art galleries, open studios, and merchants to stay open later, and  the citizens of  Guerneville enjoying the intoxicating scents of spring, and feeling even more cosmopolitan and  continental than usual, happily embraced the local event.
Willis and Lockert  created a hometown family activity where friends ran into friends, shared food and drink, soaked up a few bars of tasty music, and got an infusion of  local cultures which is sometimes referred to as Art.
A year flew by, the pair’s dream was shared by like-minded folk and became a reality, and the birthday party, to which we’re all invited, will be  held at Guerneville’s Creation Salon from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, March 1. There will be cake to share, live music, vino and Lockert plans on bringing “birthday tablecloths, napkins and little plates.”
The Guerneville choir might make an appearance to help warble the world’s most


frequently sung song, troubadors are a good possibility as are Peter and Gretchen who comprise a duo called “Happenstance.”
Works of fine art will be auctioned off and whenever artist and art lovers get together you may expect surprises.
No one has successfully been able to define art (it’s such an individual concept) but poet Sri Chinmoy has had much to say about it. To wit:

My Art is no art 
Without my mind’s simplicity.
- Sri Chinmoy
My Art does not want
 To subscribe to the view
 That unhappiness 
Commands the world.
- Sri Chinmoy
My Art is the hide-and-seek 
Between my soul’s illumining smiles
 And my heart’s streaming tears.


- Sri Chinmoy
The Artist in me has three 
Faithful, sleepless
 And self-giving friends:
 A newness-eye, a oneness-heart
 And a fulness-life.
- Sri Chinmoy
The heart of my Art
 And the heart of a child 
Are extremely fond of each other.
 They love each other deeply;
 They need each other constantly;
 They are interdependent, sleeplessly.
- Sri Chinmoy
My mind says that anything  I do
 Is too insignificant
  Because I am wanting 
In qualification.
 Needless to say,
 This includes my Artwork. – Sri Chinmoy

6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday, March 1, Creation Salon, Armstrong Woods Road, Guerneville


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  1. Wow, Stephen, thank you for this!
    I think we have added a juggling clown into the mix, and Artist Row (at the west end of Main Street) will be open until 8pm, with refreshments, too.
    Now, you are the first to know – there will be a little “Thank You” gift for each of the art donors, and some surprises for others to take home, too!

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