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The List: Three reports of UFO Sightings in the West County

Monday, July 8th, 2013 | Posted by

“Of course there aren’t any aliens George – I really am from France…”

Considering the trillions of celestial bodies buzzing around the cosmos, it would seem somewhat arrogant to assume none of them have any kind of intelligent life.

As a matter of fact, some question whether or not Earth does.

The following experiences were reported to and documented by The National UFO Reporting Center.  They appear in their original form without editing or corrections in spelling or grammar. The names of those posting the sightings have not been disclosed by NUFORC. NUFORC’s website is nuforc.org.

Occurred : 10/20/2003 20:00 (Entered as : 10/20/1903 20:00)

Reported: 12/16/2003 5:47:04 PM 17:47

Posted: 12/19/2003

Location: Sebastopol, CA

Shape: Sphere

Duration:1.5 hrs

Plasma balls emanating from vortex in glowing cloud formation, seen several times with USAF recon next day.

This event has happened repeatedly. the event takes place in skys over west county Sonoma County occasioned by 5 to 6thousand foot scattered ceiling stratus type clouds. Full 360 deg ridgetop view. the event “followed” us to Hawaii as well. Will describe three episodes.

Looked to the west on very clear summer night, no forecast of clouds. Clouds as described moved in, ceiling at 5Kft. One cloud glowing with something inside, apparently.

Balls of light decended through the clouds, moving down and “playing” with each other in random, beautiful patterns. Immediately looked in vain for ground source (first impression, spotlights playing on clouds) but in country area, little liklyhood of that. Possible prank or hoax with lazers?

But wait. Balls of light left nascent trails behind them. Plasma? and would occsionally pass up and through glowing cloud area to be seen faintly through cloud and dissappear, only to surge back down through the cloud. Also, balls seen in cloud background and night background mostly the same.. Then, above cloud, could be made out spinning “armature” of light, like a great wand (estimate length, at at least one mile) with greater glow at its end. Like the spoke of a wheel only light. round and round it would go like clock work and the plasma balls would seem to go up into this phenomenon and come back down.

This went on for some time at least 45 min as we watched the show. Kept trying to think of logical expl. (total skeptic, feel that most UFO either imagination, mistake nat. phenom or primarily secret gov. tech or gov mass hysteria hoax/deception) No ground source. Balls covering many square miles of air in their dance. Had the impression at times that the “wheel of light” was spitting these things out, like a vortex. Almost seemed alive.

Next day (we are not far from Travis A.F.Base) Huge and silent A.F. surveilance planes with bulbous nose, etc. cruising back and forth around area at very low elevation. Have seen phenomenon several times since. One ti! me, wheel of light phenom above cloud quite separate from “plasma balls” that were streaking very high in atmaoshpere at great speed in definite alignment and purposeful direction, unlike playing balls.

Of note, the huge black triangels people report seeing are most likely huge jet assist military dirigibles meant probably for troop transport, cargo lift etc. There are plans for such triangular mega-dirigables to be seen in Pop Science I beleive. that is why people report “silent”slow movement and hug size. Hope this interests you, it did me.

2. (NUFORC Case: S90027) Yellow Orange lights over West Sonoma County CAOn Saturday, June 23, 2012 at roughly 11:16 P.M. My wife and I were walking our dogs in a field a couple miles West of Santa Rosa. My wife had stopped to watch the sky and called for me to look at something. She asked if an object moving across the sky was a jet or not. She had been watching it for quite a while before mentioning it to me. What I saw was a light much too large to be a high flying aircraft. Rather than being a small pinpoint, it was maybe the equivalent of 1/8″-1/4″ at arms length.  It was South and slightly West of us heading roughly East. I would estimate it was about 25-30 degrees from the horizon. I assumed it to be an aircraft at first because there is an air traffic lane that comes in off the ocean about due west. The object was a strange color somewhat like a high pressure sodium light. The intensity sort of “undulated”, but we could see no strobes. There was no sound. The other odd thing was the flight path. It didn’t seem to travel in a smooth straight trajectory. It sort of bobbled around on it’s path. Also, it climbed steadily and got smaller and smaller until we could no longer see it. It disappeared about 45-50 degrees from the horizon and about Southeast of us. Approximately two minutes later, my wife spoke out about another one. This one was farther West when I saw it than the previous object, and much lower. Lower to the point I thought it might have just taken off from a nearby airport, but there are no airports West of Santa Rosa.  We observed this light follow a similar path to the Southwest climbing rapidly in an undulating trajectory until it disappeared in the same spot as the first one.

3. California-mid ’80s-I received the following report from one of our readers.

Back in the mid 80s, my brother-in-law worked part time for a small company that delivered the “Wall-street Journal” to small businesses. The deliveries were done at night with him returning home around 7 AM. Since he was working both days and nights, once in a while I would help him out by running his delivery route for him, usually on Friday nights so he and my sister could have some time for themselves.

At the time we all lived in the Northern California town of Santa Rosa, located in Sonoma county. The delivery route however, was northeast of there in Lake County. Lake County is about an hour or so away from Santa Rosa, through Napa County and up over Mt. St. Helena… A twisty-windy mountain drive.

On this particular night my wife’s brother (Jim) decided to go with me and give me a hand. The delivery went well and we were on our way back home. Just as you come off the mountain there is an immediate right turn to get us back home, I missed it, and after a few minutes I realized what happened and decided to continue to the next road and then double back that way. We were now in Napa County, and near the small town of Calistoga.

The road was a small, one lane in each direction country road. On the left was a hill and on the right was flat field with a few small trees. We were now heading west, it was still dark but heading towards dawn very swiftly. As we drove I noticed that a farmer was working in the field as I saw two bright headlights from his tractor. As I drove and watched the farmer, I noticed that he was approaching one of those small trees, as the silhouette of the tree was clearly seen as the headlights shone through it.

As the tractor got closer to the tree, it stopped, and to our amazement the lights began to rise up. Just as they began to raise they went out… I immediately hit the brakes and came to a complete stop. Jim and I jumped out and ran to the back of the car. By this time the sky was just beginning to lighten up and made a perfect background for what we were about to witness.

The object was moving very slowly and cruising at about thirty or thirty-five feet high. I literally could have thrown a rock and hit the object. I would guess the object to have had a wing span of approximately thirty-five feet, and maybe twenty-five feet from front to back. It was very dark in color, black or dark gray. It made no sound or left any trails. There did seem to be a slight ruffle in the wind, kind of hard to explain.

There were no lights except for a slight orange glow that emanated from the front/top area. We were looking straight up at the bottom so we could not see the top at all, but I felt that there was some kind of cockpit that the glow was coming from. The only way that I can think to describe the shape is that it was very similar to an ocean stingray or manta-ray type fish: It was extremely cool looking I must admit.

The tips of the wings seemed to tip downward slightly, and the very center underbelly of the object seemed to curve inward from nose to tail. I want to add that I was left with a feeling that it was in no hurry. It didn’t seem to feel any threat. So there we were, standing on the side of the road in complete amazement when suddenly multiple police cars, both marked and un-marked went ripping by.

It seemed to get daylight almost instantly, and the object was just gone. It was headed southeast and must have just gone over the hill to our left. When we arrived home I immediately made a phone call to the sheriff sub-station in that area. I told them what we saw. He told me that the object had flown over the station and that several deputies had taken off after it.

Several days later the front page of the local newspaper (The Press Democrat) told of a UFO that had been seen in the early morning hours crossing over Hwy. 101 south of Santa Rosa. They described it as being shaped like an “X”, I believe that it was the same object that we had seen days earlier.

At the time of the sighting, I remember just how amazed we were at what was happening. Now that I’m older, I think that I might react a bit different if this was to happen again. I mean that we were not scared at all, we were so caught up in the moment. But now, it might shake me up a bit. I’d still have to get out and see it, but I’m sure I’d be more cautious. source: www.about.com reader J. W.

After 32 years in the Seattle area, the National UFO Reporting Center is moving to a new locale in eastern Washington, a decommissioned U. S. Air Force ICBM missile base, located between the towns of Davenport and Harrington, WA, in Lincoln County.

Major Jesse Marcel from the Roswell Army Air Field with alleged debris found 75 miles north west of Roswell, NM, in July 1947.



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